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Develop your English language Writing Skills with PTE Academic Writing Test

The Pearson Test of English is one of the widely recognized exams for verifying the skills of an individual in the English language. The demand for PTE training course is higher due to Validate your English language writing skills with PTE Academic Writing test the numerous opportunities it opens for candidates. The test involves four different academic sections for different tasks, such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The PTE writing section proves your ability to produce written English in an academic setting. Before you start your preparations for the writing section of the PTE Mock Test, let us take a look at some of the essentials.

Overview of the PTE Academic Writing

First of all, it is important to know about the PTE academic exam format.

  • PTE Academic is a computer-based English language test for non-native English speakers aspiring to study abroad.
  • The complete test involves a single session of 3 hours at a computer in a secure exam environment.
  • The foremost advantage of the PTE Academic test is the quick availability of results.
  • A closer look at the PTE Academic syllabus for the PTE writing module can show two different sections prominently.
PTE Summarize Written Text

PTE summarize a text is the test for writing a summary of a passage. Candidates get 10 minutes to write a summary of various paragraphs on a specific topic. The PTE Summarize Written Text section is intended to test both the writing and reading skills of the candidate.

PTE Essay Writing

PTE Write essay is the test of writing an essay on a particular topic within 200 to 300 words. Candidates get 20 minutes to write the essay. PTE writing essay test helps in checking the candidate’s ability for writing skills.

Important skills you need for PTE Academic writing

Now, you should know about the essential writing skills before you start Real PTE Practice Tutorial. The writing skills that can fetch better possibilities of success are as follows.

  • Following a purpose in writing and summarizing.
  • Providing support for opinions with details, explanations and examples and the use of correct spelling.
  • Use of words and phrases relevant to the context alongside the use of correct grammar and mechanics.
  • Logical organization of sentences and paragraphs.
  • Development of complex ideas in a complete essay along with the use of correct grammar.
  • Writing a correct summary with correct grammar and mechanics.
  • The ability for writing within the timed conditions.

The total timing for completing the writing section of the PTE exam is variable according to the combination of items in the test. Sometimes, candidates may have to write two summaries and one essay or three summaries and one essay or two summaries and two essays.

Scoring criteria for the exam

The next important detail which you should include in your preparations for the PTE Academic exam refers to scoring criteria.

  • PTE score for the ‘summarize written text’ section depends on the content, grammar, form, and vocabulary.
  • PTE score for the written essay depends on many factors. The factors are content, form, development, structure and coherence, general linguistic range, spelling, vocabulary range and grammar usage and mechanics.

Before having your PTE exam make sure to choose the right direction to prepare your overall syllabus. A proper strategy is the key to achieve your goal of going abroad and getting expert exposure. Master PTE gives you the best experience to score well in your exam by giving you the practice mock test tutorials which will surely help you to understand the real exam pattern and its strategy to solve within an estimated short duration.

So, how can you make sure that you qualify the PTE English test in the first attempt? Obviously, the choice of a competent training course provider for PTE in Australia could be the first course of action. However, you need to look at the essential strategies for scoring well in the PTE Academic writing section. Follow the Plan-Draft-Check-Finalize approach for high-scoring performance in the writing test for Pearson Test of English.

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